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Instrument and its players earn respect, not scorn


If Jennifer Graham’s Oct. 25 op-ed “Save the church! (kill the organs)” is satire, it’s not funny. Unfortunately, it appears that Graham is serious.

Of all the issues in the Roman Catholic Church today, blaming the organ for driving people away is laughable. If someone doesn’t like the music at a local parish, they could go to the next parish over or, better yet, talk to the pastor and musician about how to forge a better path.

Instead, Graham hurls violent language at the organ, suggesting that organs should be killed, burned, or dropped from dormitory roofs.


The organ and organists do not deserve abuse. Many organists have sacrificed to send themselves to music school, spent hours perfecting their craft, and are paid a fraction of their worth. Some play instruments of sublime beauty, but many coax musical sounds out of inferior non-pipe instruments.

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On top of that, music ministry involves so much more than music, as any musician who has sat with the family after the death of a loved one or met with an excited bride and groom can attest.

A little respect — or at least lack of disrespect — in the pages of The Boston Globe is not too much to ask for these people and their craft.

Michael Cedrone

McLean, Va.