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letters | hurricane stirs climate concerns

Storm ought to give candidates, voters something to ponder

“Hurricane fuel” is what Bill McKibben of 350.org calls East Coast ocean water temperatures that are now much warmer than normal. Hurricane Sandy is an object lesson for the current weeklong vigil at Government Center, which was planned before the storm, to call on candidates to connect the dots between our energy use and the increasing climate crises such as Sandy.

The media have mostly been silent on climate issues for this election since the Globe reported in August that Senator Scott Brown had voted to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to regulate greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels. In the same August article, the Globe quoted Elizabeth Warren saying, “I believe in science. The data are overwhelming about climate change, and it is imperative that we take action.”


Sandy’s hitting within days of the election is an opportunity to help readers connect the dots between climate politics, climate science, and the frequency of superstorms.

Francis Cummings