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    Obama’s failings call for change in leadership

    In his letter “About that business experience of Romney’s . . . ,” Leslie Epstein cites failed presidents with business backgrounds, and suggests that Republicans “might wish to offer us another reason” to elect Mitt Romney.

    Here’s one: Barack Obama is the most far-left occupant of the White House in history.

    If I had a Hobson’s choice, I would recall Bill Clinton to that office, although I did not vote for him. Clinton had executive experience as governor of Arkansas for more than 10 years. He was a pragmatic president, and demonstrated his ability to work with both parties. His signature achievement was his work with Newt Gingrich, Republican speaker of the House, in crafting changes to welfare qualifications. Obama, with no particular relevant executive experience, is somewhat arrogant, and has not demonstrated such skills. He continually blames other events and people for his failures.


    The need for changing the direction of this country is imperative. Therefore, the decision is an easy one — at least for me.

    Bradford Barnes