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    Snide shot at Christians was unworthy of the paper

    Now the Globe is publishing letters criticizing Christians for not being condemning (“A curiously quiet judgment day,” Letters, Nov. 4). I guess in the eyes of the people who choose the letters to be published, Christians are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Doesn’t anyone at the Globe see the hypocrisy of this? I thought you supported tolerance of people who are different. It appears that that only applies to people whom you agree with philosophically.

    In his letter, Robert Curry wondered why, after reports of Sandy’s impact on New York, there weren’t any “self-righteous judgments” from leaders such as Pat Robertson “about punishments inflicted on the city for transgressions committed.” Isn’t he being guilty of exactly what he condemns the Pat Robertsons of this world for — being judgmental of people with different beliefs? His letter added nothing to dispassionate, thoughtful discussion. It was snide and sarcastic, and unworthy of the paper.

    Actually, there are many Christian relief groups, such as World Vision, in New York City right now providing supplies, food, and shelter to displaced people. Why don’t you publicize those efforts instead of publicizing Curry’s judgmental comments?

    Deborah Flanagan