letter | cracking down on noisy parties

Bad behavior, limited resources underscore need to crack down on noisy parties

RE “PARTY ordinance would be harsh on young Bostonians”: Your Nov. 5 editorial in opposition to City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina’s proposed noise ordinance is disappointing in its Pollyannaish naivete. Of course the police should step in more often and ask people to quiet down, but where’s the budget to add more cops or the ability to take officers from more serious work? Of course students and young urban professionals should quiet down, but where were their parents when it was time to teach consideration, empathy, dignity, self control, self respect, or healthy living?

We should not need equal rights and civil rights laws either, but bad apples in society force us to have these laws. And so we need not just LaMattina’s noise ordinance, but one that is tougher.

David Bartsch