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After four years of facing vicious opposition, Obama’s victory anything but ‘ugly’

RE “OBAMA won, but it was an ugly win” by Jeff Jacoby (Op-ed, Nov. 7): Outside of Tea Party gatherings or Fox News, it’s lunatic to suggest that President Obama “won it ugly” by spending “a vast fortune trashing his opponent” just because the president had the temerity to suggest that Mitt Romney’s so-called job-creating business background might also have cost jobs and needed benefits, that Romney might favor the well-to-do over the 47 percent he (privately) attacked, and that Romney’s policies and promises might indeed have been written on the Etch A Sketch his chief adviser bragged about.

How convenient that Jacoby was above noticing the actually vicious falsehoods concerning President Obama that were passed about, privately and publicly, by many Republicans for the entirety of Obama’s first term.

President Obama did not “squander” the “unprecedented wave of adulation and excitement” Jacoby now remembers from 2008; the president, sadly, tried for the last four years to work with an opposition determined to oppose him at every step and to defeat him, and he did so, except a bit at the end, without calling his opponents out for their I’m-not-playing-if-I-can’t-win intransigence.

Andrej Thomas