Letters | The Senate Race

In Warren’s acceptance, a sense of the real deal

Elizabeth Warren before giving her victory speech.
Michael Dwyer/AP
Elizabeth Warren before giving her victory speech.

When Elizabeth Warren gave her acceptance speech Tuesday night, she appeared without the usual family tree of branches and little saplings that typically accompany a candidate to the podium. There were no future staff wannabes pondering the design of the drapes in the new government offices. Warren appeared alone and gave an address that a high school speech coach probably would not have praised. It was full of thank-yous and expressions of commitment, many of which seemed repetitious.

But, in contrast to the canned remarks that rarely differ from one politician to the next, Warren’s words felt genuine. Overcome with elation, she looked like she was being feted at a surprise birthday party, and spoke incessantly — from the heart. Such honesty infrequently appears in politicians. Perhaps that explains, as much as any reason the pundits may provide, why she was elected our new US senator.

Steve Kramer