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    GOP must moderate its views to win back supporters

    wednesday morning, I found myself feeling bad for both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, even though I voted for neither of them. Both are intelligent, honest, hard-working citizens who care deeply about America’s future. They lost because of the “R” next to their names.

    In different ways, both candidates had to contort their positions to respond to the increasingly conservative posture of their own political party. They both understood that overtly conforming to it would make it hard to win in races with national implications.

    I am a longtime “unenrolled” Massachusetts voter, and have voted for my share of Republicans. But the party of Nelson Rockefeller, Frank Sargent, Bill Weld, and many others no longer exists. The Republican Party has abandoned me; I didn’t abandon it. When will the party’s leaders understand that, unless they moderate their views, winning on a national level will be difficult, if not impossible?

    Dennis Tompkins