No patience for Americans’ arrogant view of Canada

As a Canadian living in Boston, I was surprised to see an article about Canada on the home page of the Globe (“Global domination? Whoa, Canada!” Ideas, Nov. 4). However, after reading it, my surprise has been erased. In what appears to be an article shedding light on a “new version” of Canada, Leon Neyfakh paints America as a country that lacks global awareness.

Neyfakh begins by stating, “There is a place on earth that most Americans never think about,” and, in the same paragraph, adds, “For the most part, though, it hardly enters into our conception of the world.” Is he unaware of how ethnocentric that makes Americans seem? Or was that his intention, hoping to create some hype?

The author also states early on that, if “adherents of the new Canadian nationalism” have their way, Canada “will never again be ignored, or dismissed sneeringly as ‘America’s hat.’ ” In an article that attempts to discuss Canada as a global power, the author depicts Americans as uninformed and self-absorbed. Perhaps this is why Canadians don’t want to be like “the arrogant, tub-thumping United States.”

Olivia Taggart