Glow fades as victor fumbles first press conference

Well, it only took two days to see what we are in for for the next six years (“Warren holds back with reporters,” Page A1, Nov. 9).

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren took the low road in her first press conference.

What gives? We registered voters were bombarded with television, radio, and recorded phone messages that Warren is the one for us and that she’s got our back.


Well, from your article we can see she is starting to show how inept she is.

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She couldn’t satisfactorily answer questions, as she deferred to Governor Patrick and a press aide. She was asked to reply to a question about how she would respond to the support of the women voters who put her over the top. Asked three times, Warren turned to the governor and said, “You want to try this?”

Later, away from the press conference, some reporters asked her about her reluctance to engage with the media. “I'm trying to learn it,” she said. What?

Warren was elected under false pretenses.

Dick Halligan