Insurer fully focused on customer service

We were disappointed by your recent suggestion that our focus on providing excellent service is less than a full-time commitment (“Blue Cross customer service surges during sweeps week,” Editorial, Nov. 10). The editorial concerned a pilot program aimed at giving members same-day feedback on the resolution of certain types of customer service calls. Since it occurred during a period when our service was being measured against other Blue Cross plans nationally, the Globe implied that this was a one-time effort.

With nearly 3 million members, we receive thousands of inquiries every week. Most of them are answered on the spot, whether they are about benefits, physicians and hospitals, or health and wellness, and we also frequently reach out to our members to make sure they get needed care at an affordable price. Some issues, such as the status of claims payment, may take longer to resolve, so we are testing various service enhancements, including those mentioned by the Globe.

Our goal is continuous improvement, and Blue Cross associates work tirelessly to deliver responsive, personal service to our members and employer customers, not just some of the time, but all of the time.

Deb Devaux

Senior vice president,

Service delivery

Blue Cross Blue Shield

of Massachusetts