Right-wing brand of economics has no place at White House

I write in regard to your astonishing Nov. 8 editorial advocating Mitt Romney as an adviser to the president, which sounded more like Fox News than The Boston Globe.

First, the electorate has just rejected Romney’s approach. As Obama pointed out, the right-wing, conservative brand of economics Romney espoused enthusiastically during the campaign is what led us to the recent disastrous recession.

Second, Romney’s business experience could be described as parasitic capitalism, the main objective of which is to enrich oneself without regard for collateral damage.


Third, do we really want an adviser to the president who won’t come clean about his own taxes?

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Finally, you described him as a capable governor of Massachusetts, when the fact is that he used the state as a steppingstone to presidential candidacy, often bad-mouthing it while campaigning elsewhere.

If you are determined that President Obama should reward Romney for a campaign of lies and distortion, how about an ambassadorship to the Cayman Islands?

Eugene Bailey