Others deserve note over role in city’s redistricting

RE “A credit to the city”: Your Nov. 5 editorial made some glaring omissions about the winners and losers in regard to the Boston City Council redistricting. All of the councilors gave up some wards and precincts in their districts, so singling out Frank Baker and Rob Consalvo for special credit wasn’t really remarkable.

What was remarkable, but unmentioned in the editorial, was the work of Tito Jackson, who galvanized support around his amendment. The map that Jackson proposed garnered the veto-proof 11-2 vote and prevented a lawsuit.

It’s not an easy task to cut through so much self-interest to come to consensus.


Also noteworthy was the pressure brought to bear by the Communities of Color Coalition on ­Redistricting, which threatened the lawsuit and successfully lobbied Mayor Menino (another winner in this saga) to veto the first two maps.


Ferriabough Bolling