Democrats won because too many voters want to be taken care of

President Obama and Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren won because too many voters buy into the Democrats’ message that the people need their help. Too many think they are incapable of navigating in a world of business, real estate, and commerce. The Republican message — let government help you help yourself — doesn’t resonate when so many people are on the receiving end of federal benefits.

I’m not talking about Medicare and Social Security. I’m talking about welfare, Section 8 housing, and other items on a long list.

America is no longer a nation of independent, entrepreneurial, responsible individuals. We are fearful, lazy, and looking for the government to make the tough decisions and take care of us. To the limousine liberal crowd that voted for Obama and Warren, I say: You are fortunate that you’ve already acquired your wealth.


My husband and I bought a modest home in 1997, and as the equity grew, we didn’t treat it as an ATM. As our compensation increased as a result of dedicated hard work, we didn’t buy a new home or fancy cars; we started to save aggressively. Now, suddenly, we’re wealthy, and not paying our fair share. We will pay more in taxes and health care costs so someone else can reap the benefit.

Terese Q. Zingg