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    Romney’s post-election critique is telling

    Mitt Romney says that President Obama’s pre-election largesse in the form of “gifts” resulted in the president’s reelection (“Romney blames loss on ‘gifts’ to Obama backers,” Page A14, Nov. 15). These so-called gifts include reducing high interest rates on college loans that are already guaranteed by the government, health care for children up to age 26, and a reprieve from deportation for the children of illegal immigrants who were taken here through no fault of theirs.

    Romney’s mindset is telling. Benefits and programs geared toward anyone other than the wealthy are gifts, while I suppose preserving tax breaks for millionaires protects the so-called job creators. If Romney had been elected president, I can imagine the “gifts” he would have doled out to his wealthy benefactors, the price for which would have been bought and paid for by a middle class still digging out from a deep recession caused by the same kind of policies Romney promoted.

    We are fortunate as a nation that we will not see wealthy people and corporations sitting on the lap of a president who asks them what they would like to see under the fiscal Christmas tree next year.

    Alan D. Hoch