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    Why Republican hopefuls face barrier in Bay State

    In recent commentary on the election, I am afraid that many have missed the main point regarding the Massachusetts Republican Party and its candidates and platforms. Any Republican elected to federal office, even in New England, empowers all Republicans, and most of them nationally support policies which are, as you recogized, “wildly out of step with most Massachusetts voters on social and economic policy” (“State GOP should reject party’s national platform,” Editorial, Nov. 13).

    Whatever the merits of any individual Republican candidate or individual state party platform, what really matters is the power configuration created in the US House and Senate, and how that influences critical policies facing our nation and the world.

    Viewed in this national party context, the leaders, committee chairs, policies, and procedures, when Republican, are extremely detrimental to the interests of Massachusetts citizens. Unfortunately, any New England Republican elected to national office would probably help put these in place.

    Robert Smith