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    With choice of Obama, voters opted for a diminished nation

    I’m deeply disappointed that President Obama won reelection. I thought that most Americans would see through to the core issues. I was wrong.

    A majority voted for four more years of America’s transformation into a nation diminished in world influence, economic viability, freedoms, and the ability to defend itself in a hostile world.

    The last four years have moved us incrementally toward Western Europe’s brand of socialism.


    We have a huge, top-heavy, intrusive government, enamored of micro-control of everything and everyone. We are divided by redistribution of the fruits of labor and application of an arbitrary diversity.

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    Our educational systems for the most part disparage our Western culture and history and the free enterprise that built America, while our media, once the watchdog against government excess, has become its lapdog.

    The next four years will likely move us “forward,” all right — faster toward the consequences of the choice we just made.

    Robert Powers