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Employees struggle without sick-time protections

The next time Staples asks a sample of the nation’s workers whether they stay home with the flu, the company should ask how many are allowed to stay home without risking their paycheck or their job (“Staples survey: More workers refuse to take days off when they get the flu,” Nov. 12). It’s not surpring that almost 80 percent of survey respondents reported going to work even when sick when you consider that almost 1 million Massachusetts employees don’t have a single paid sick day. Many who do have paid sick days receive demerits for using them, or are seen as less than “team players” if they follow doctor’s orders.

Staples promotes their cleaning products to lessen contagion at work. But we all have a stake in another solution: the Earned Sick Time bill, which would let workers in Massachusetts earn sick time so that they can heal more quickly and avoid infecting co-workers and customers.

Elizabeth Toulan


Massachusetts Paid Leave