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    letters | approaching the fiscal cliff

    Talk of a looming precipice sounds like a bluff

    The more I read about the so-called fiscal cliff, the more it sounds like a fiscal bluff. A cliff implies that if you fall off of it, the results are fatal. Falling off a bluff is not a fatal proposition, and jumping off a bluff can sometimes be a lot of fun.

    While some aspects of the impending tax changes are not ideal, the rollback of the Bush-era tax cuts seems very welcome to me. The same goes for the spending cuts that are due to follow. With the wars winding down, cutting military costs should be expected anyhow.

    Much of the other spending cuts are deemed problematic when looking out 10 years. I trust that Congress will see that the most problematic of these cuts will be addressed long before 10 years elapse.


    So the whole debate sounds like a big bluff to me. Maybe Congress will take the bait and give the budget some real thought this time, and Republicans will not kowtow to Tea Party pledges confining them to thoughtlessness and inaction.

    Bill Passman