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Sad to see governor rally behind Israel’s indefensible actions

As the daughter of Jewish refugees from Hitler, a longtime anti-apartheid activist, and an ardent supporter of Deval Patrick, I was upset to see that the governor was a featured speaker at Monday’s rally to support Israel at Congregation Mishkan Tefila in Chestnut Hill (“2,000 in Newton support Israel in its battle against Gaza militants,” Metro, Nov. 20). In the name of people like my parents, the Israeli government has been destroying Palestinian livelihoods, bulldozing homes, killing children, and bombing civilians for decades, all while claiming self-defense.

Israel’s occupation of Palestine is a violation of international law; Israel’s policies of separation, including a partition wall, have come to be recognized as apartheid by anti-apartheid leaders such as Desmond Tutu.

While I don’t condone the rockets launched by Hamas, I fully understand the urge for self-defense after Israel’s attacks that killed Palestinian children and a Hamas leader who was in the process of negotiating a truce. Weren’t anti-apartheid activists in South Africa justified in fighting the oppression they faced?


I am disgusted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cynical war-mongering, which is widely believed to be a political move to bolster his chances for reelection. I didn’t vote for Patrick to stand on the side of the occupiers.

Elsa Auerbach

Jamaica Plain

The writer is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace.