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    letters | harsh focus on State’s hiring practices

    Tired of business as usual on Beacon Hill

    I have been reading with dismay a litany of conflicting events in Massachusetts. While, on the one hand, Governor Patrick is saying he needs more taxes to run the Commonwealth, on the other he apparently has been unconcerned, at the very least, with the rampant use of taxpayers’ money to pay off political debts.

    People are being hired and placed in well-paying positions with little or no concern about their qualifications (the highway safety director). People on a transportation board reportedly were told by the governor’s office whom to select as head of the MBTA.

    The patronage in this state borders on legalized corruption.


    Do we taxpayers have any possibility of seeing our Legislature take quick, forceful action to stop this from being a fact of life on Beacon Hill? Will anyone in the Legislature have the guts and intellectual honesty to stand up and speak out? Or will it be business as usual, one hand washing the other?

    George McKenzie