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    Letters | Romney’s ‘gifts’ comment

    Candidate faltered in his scorn for people’s needs

    Perhaps it is fitting that Mitt Romney’s campaign started to falter with the revelation of his incredibly insensitive remarks about the 47 percent of Americans, and his remarks about why he lost the election show the same scorn for those needs. According to Romney, blacks, Hispanics, the young, and — the right’s perennial favorite target — women (especially the young ones) voted for President Obama because they were given “gifts.”

    Two of Romney’s examples were particularly appalling: that a working family making a near-poverty $30,000 would get health benefits under Obama’s health care plan (much like Romney’s plan in Massachusetts), and that young women get “free” contraceptives.

    It is apparently beyond Romney’s comprehension that, in weighing a vote for Obama, a young woman, and many of us older ones, could possibly care about our reproductive rights, equal pay rights, and our dignity (think of the “legitimate” rape comments of Senate candidate Todd Akin, whom Romney endorsed), or that young people who do not have trust funds might need to stay on their parents’ health plans to age 26 — plans that are not gifts, but services the parents pay for.


    If gifts alone could win an election, the millions in tax cuts the Republicans promised the wealthy should have done the trick.

    Nancy Serventi