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    Letters | An energy revolution

    Congress can spur green job growth

    ERIN AILWORTH’S article on the growth of wind power in New England points to the economic power of clean energy — power that can only be harnessed nationally if Congress passes legislation that nurtures the growth of renewable power by implementing a fee on carbon-based energy sources (“Winds of change,” Business, Nov. 14).

    By factoring in the actual costs of fossil fuels in a way that protects energy consumers, the energy industry will have a market-based incentive to increase investment in wind, solar, and other forms of clean power, building a foundation for a revived American middle class in the process.

    Members of the Bay State’s congressional delegation should ask colleagues from other regions who deny the existence of climate change: Even if you think global warming is a hoax, don’t you realize that the real “job creators” are in the clean-energy field?

    D. R. Tucker