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    Scott Brown shouldn’t seek a return to Senate

    AS THE conjecture starts over candidates to replace John Kerry if he leaves the Senate for an administration post, here’s some food for thought.

    Scott Brown, you’re a good man, but you beat Martha Coakley in the 2010 special election for two reasons — she was a marginal candidate, and the giant (John Walsh, the Massachusetts Democratic Party chair) was asleep. You were just soundly beaten by an only slightly less marginal candidate, but the giant had awakened. It is a guarantee that if there is a special election to fill Kerry’s seat, the giant will be working overtime. Neither you, nor any other Republican, is going to win that fight.

    So what’s the GOP to do? If Kerry moves on, sit this one out, and start working towards the future. Another Brown candidacy right away makes it look like we have no other serious candidates. And another serious drubbing right on the heels of this election will only harm what’s left of the GOP brand. A major loss now could be the last step towards this being a true one-party state.

    Art Cabral

    West Bridgewater