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Patrick follows Obama’s lead in lifting scofflaws above overtaxed citizens

RE “STATE to widen tuition breaks: Illegal immigrants can pay resident rates” (Page A1, Nov. 19): File this under: Very funny, now bring back the constitution.

Governor Patrick needs to be reminded that we have, not one, but three branches of government. Not once, but twice, the Massachusetts Legislature rejected a state version of the DREAM Act, allowing reduced tuition rates to illegal immigrants who attend state colleges and universities. Did I miss something?

This action by the governor mirrors President Obama’s executive order to enforce elements of the DREAM Act after it failed to pass in Congress. Anyone else see a pattern here?


While our governor and president see fit to cater to the whims of special-interest groups, who is standing up for the overtaxed, overworked American citizens struggling to afford to send their kids to college? When do they get a break?

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You cannot have a civilized society when some people are required to follow the law while others are not.

If a law is bad, we should change it. Until then, no one should be above it.

Christine Morabito