letters | mass. democrats draw a line on benefits

Lawmakers must take a flexible approach to solve budget woes

SO OUR Massachusetts congressmen, all Democrats, are determined to be just as uncompromising as their Republican counterparts (“State’s House members firm against benefit cuts,” Page A1, Nov. 30). Are we all supposed to be pleased about this?

The citizens of Massachusetts are not idiots. We understand that the country is facing a crisis — a crisis, by the way, that our stubborn congressmen helped create. Aren’t they the ones that approved all the government spending that got us into this mess?

My husband and I both turned 65 last year. We were dazzled to discover that, thanks to Medicare (combined with our relatively affordable Medigap policy), we can now walk in and out of every medical appointment and pay nothing. We feel extremely fortunate to know that when we get sick, we will be taken care of. But what about our children? And grandchildren?


Among the senior citizens I know, nobody wants our benefits to be viewed as sacrosanct if this means placing further financial burdens on young families struggling to make ends meet.

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Our congressmen would serve us far better if they would consider all reasonable options, rather than stubbornly clinging to their inflexible and outdated view of what it means to be a Democrat.

Janice Blake