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    letters | diplomatic tremors in the middle east

    Abbas’s UN bid only seems like a peaceful approach

    WRITING IN advance of the United Nations vote last week to recognize a Palestinian state, Farah Stockman endorsed this ostensibly peaceful means of achieving statehood (Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas’s resolution before the UN) as preferable to Hamas raining rockets on Israel (“Putting resolutions over rockets,” Op-ed, Nov. 27).

    I am reminded instead of the fable of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Neither Abbas, dressed in white shirt and tie as he made his “peaceful bid” to the UN, nor a kaffiyeh-clad Hamas fighter, wielding an automatic weapon in Gaza, have ever acknowledged Israel as a legitimate or acceptable neighbor state. Both Palestinian factions, whether by pen or sword, have in their vision of a state a requisite dismantling of the state of Israel.

    A Palestinian state can only be achieved by dialogue at the table with Jerusalem, not by words against it or boots marching through it.

    David Greenfield