Chavez was on to something as foe of illegal immigration

Your editorial on the plight of the president’s half-uncle over his immigration status shows commendable compassion (“Fly in the immigration web,” Dec. 6). Unfortunately, your tunnel vision focus on illegal immigrants prevents you from seeing the big picture. Millions of unemployed Americans, who have millions of unhappy stories, could be working if Congress would pass a mandatory nationwide E-Verify, so that illegal immigrants would no longer be able to get jobs here. Once the oversupply of cheap labor was gone, wages for low-skilled and no-skilled jobs would rise.

Cesar Chavez, the legendary founder of what became the United Farm Workers, understood this, which is why he denounced illegal immigrants to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the predecessor of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You need to take a lesson from Chavez.

David C. Holzman