Patrick’s leadership does not befit a chief executive

Frank Phillips’s article “Road may get rocky for Patrick” (Page A1, Nov. 28) tells the sad but true story of Governor Patrick’s leadership — there is none.

Deval Patrick is our state’s chief executive. He is responsible for the people in his administration and for the operating divisions under his command. For CEOs in the private sector, scandals end careers. Apparently this is not the case for the CEO of Massachusetts.

Consider the two scandals involving the Department of Public Health. One has been linked to the deaths of 34 people, and the other may result in hundreds of convicted felons walking freely from jail. The legal costs to deal with the mess at the state drug lab could cost our taxpayers an estimated $332 million, according to the Committee for Public Counsel Services.


Further evidence of the governor’s lack of leadership is the disastrous hiring of Sheila Burgess as director of the Massachusetts Highway Safety Division. There is no acceptable excuse for this blunder. In the private sector, we hire the most capable candidates to fill open positions. In the Patrick administration it appears that cronyism is what gets jobs.

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Private-sector CEOs are focused on leading our companies and the people in them. We don’t jet around the country campaigning for other CEOs.

The lack of accountability of this governor is disturbing.

Greg Serrao


The writer is CEO and president of American Dental Partners.