If Kerry vacates seat, avoid special election

Senator of Massachussetts John Kerry spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sept. 6, 2012.

In a time of epic political arrogance, the Dec. 4 editorial “Mass. Dems shouldn’t change laws on US Senate openings” states that avoiding a special election for a US Senate seat, if John Kerry were to vacate his, “would be an act of epic political arrogance.” Whether it be the third time the state Legislature changed the law or the 30th time, so what? So-called red states arrogantly re-district congressional districts whenever possible, and congressional Republicans use power plays all the time. Is not the filibuster rule in the Senate arrogantly abused?

I don’t believe that Scott Brown is to be feared anyway. He may end up being one of Massachusetts’ perennial politicians running for one office or another but never quite making it. It would just make good sense to appoint someone for the remainder of Kerry’s term, should he take another post. Governor Patrick is correct when he speaks of “election fatigue,” and let’s keep in mind the cost of a special election.

We have plenty of qualified men and women to choose from. My choice would be Representative Michael Capuano, someone with the same fighting spirit as Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren.

Ron Pagliarulo