Doesn’t chancellor see debacle for what it is?

Did Robert Holub, former chancellor of University of Massachusetts Amherst, dismiss the multitude of alerts that had been long known, and were reiterated in an excellent Aug. 31 Associated Press article on Boston.com, about the dangers of moving up to the Football Bowl Subdivision? Judging from your article “Enthusiasm gap for UMass” (Page A1, Dec. 12), which details the massive financial loss from the school’s first year in the FBS, Holub’s replacement, Kumble Subbaswamy, appears to have followed his predecessor into the burning building.

Subbaswamy states that he is generally satisfied with the inaugural season, but that “if this keeps up, then it will become a concern.”

How far off the bridge does this train need to be hanging before Subbaswamy realizes what everyone else already sees? This entire debacle was a colossal mistake. To throw good money after bad is as wasteful as it is shameful.

Jack Fultz