letters | range of views stirred on gun rights

In violent world, choice of where to draw line is ours

Every time there is an episode of mass murder committed with a gun, some in the body politic assert that restricting their access to these weapons would be a new and qualitatively unique restriction on their rights. This is simply untrue. We already do restrict their access. It’s just a matter of degree.

We could make high explosives or nerve gas available to individuals, and the dead would number in the thousands. We don’t. We do, however, make semiautomatic firearms readily available, and reap the commensurate death rate. Restricting people to knives would not prevent murder, but it would limit it to just a handful of victims.

The choice of where to draw the line is ours — and responsibility for the excess carnage is ours as well.

Norman A. Paradis

Putney, Vt.