A tight Boston community, with its dreams and its terrors

Thank you for the current series on Dorchester’s Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood (“68 blocks: Life, death, hope,” Page A1, Dec. 16-20). Having lived there for many years in the past, and raised three children on Mt. Ida Road and Richfield Street, I visited again recently to witness the continued strong sense of community and efforts to maintain families and the local environment. Thank you for taking these efforts and strengths seriously, and at the same time taking a realistic look at the barriers and terrors that local families continue to face.

My family left Bowdoin-Geneva for Milton in 1990, but we still miss the old neighborhood and our neighbors, most of whom are still there in what’s still a tight community. Many of our kids’ friends now own their parents’ homes and continue to try to keep their families healthy and safe there.

I only hope that the Globe series draws increased assistance to this struggling neighborhood. Individual families try hard to protect their children, but only huge public efforts will end the violence on Bowdoin-Geneva streets and stabilize the neighborhood. I look forward to continued Globe attention to Bowdoin-Geneva and Boston neighborhoods like it.

Laurie Sheridan