An effective way for schools to maximize resources

Your Dec. 19 editorial “Online classes in schools aren’t just a way to save money” rightly points out that online learning can be an effective solution for schools to maximize their resources, better engage students, and even expand course offerings.

The efficiencies of technology allow on-site teachers to focus more on one-on-one or small-group student instruction, while the interactivity of online curriculum motivates students to invest more time in learning. A recent study of students from Bedford County schools in Virginia indicated that students who spent more than 50 hours on their online math courses received grades that were 10 percent higher than those who spent less time.

With tight budgets, it is becoming more difficult to offer a wide variety of courses in schools. Online courses can be an efficient and engaging way to expose students to world languages, career and technical education, Advanced Placement courses, and other electives. While online learning is not right for every student or every course, when applied well, it can help inspire learning and improve academic achievement.

Sari Factor

Scottsdale, Ariz.

The writer is CEO of e2020, an educational technology company.