Baby-bust argument overlooks gap in marriage, adoption rights

In his column “Beware the baby bust generation” (Op-ed, Dec. 16) Jeff Jacoby laments: “What happens to a society that increasingly turns its back on marriage and babies?”

As a gay man married to his partner of 32 years, and having raised two adopted children, I know there are thousands of same-sex couples throughout the United States who yearn for the right to marry, and who would also be willing, were they legally permitted, to adopt and raise children who are now living in foster homes or orphanages.

Medical and mental-health professional associations have supported same-sex marriage and adoption rights because of the health and psychological benefits of marriage.


There are heterosexual couples who choose not to have children, and there are heterosexual couples who have more children than they can afford to raise.

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Jacoby’s argument notwithstanding, perhaps people who choose not to marry understand that a privilege and right to marry and be equal under the law is less virtuous and valuable unless it is available to all citizens.

Marshall Forstein

Jamaica Plain