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Gun control, however imperfect, is a powerful tool

Jeff Jacoby is right in saying that “stringent gun laws haven’t prevented frightful massacres of students in Norway, Germany, and the United Kingdom” (“Good laws will never abolish evil,” Op-ed, Dec. 19). However, he fails to acknowledge that such disasters are far less frequent in these and other countries with strong anti-gun policies than they are in the United States, which has much weaker regulation. No laws can ever completely prevent gun homicides, but there is still persuasive evidence that appropriate legislation, when vigorously implemented, can significantly mitigate the problem.

Does Jacoby’s ideological bias against government blind him to the crying need for regulation that could reduce the carnage? Gun control will always be imperfect, but surely he cannot be urging that we allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

Arnold S. Relman