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    On Libya inquiry, GOP goes haywire

    FARAH STOCKMAN’S excellent column “ ‘Benghazi Show’ jumps the shark” (Op-ed, Dec. 18) pointed out a departure from precedent regarding support for potential secretaries of state.

    I will say what she left unsaid, and it is truly the elephant in the room: In the past 20 years, one party, the Republican Party, has developed a pattern of extreme reactions to events that at worst are inconsequential to the conduct of government matters: Whitewater, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, and now Benghazi.

    These investigative excursions are incredibly costly, both in monetary terms, and in terms of the energy and time of our elected and appointed officials.


    I concluded long ago that these happen because the instigators have nothing of substance to pursue. What is incomprehensible is why Republicans feel justified in wasting taxpayer money on these investigations, especially when they at the same time complain about government waste.

    Barbara Estabrook