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    As its role in gun industry shows, Cerberus cares only for profit

    DAYS AFTER the massacre in Newtown, Conn., the Globe reported on the self-serving effort by Cerberus Capital Management, the owners of the gun-making Freedom Group, to cleanse itself of the bloody trail their products have left by selling the group (“Investor doubts on gun business,” Page A1, Dec. 19). This firearms group was created by Stephen Feinberg and his associates at Cerberus.

    While busy sucking millions from a collection of gun, rifle, and armament manufacturers whose products include the weapon used in the Sandy Hook massacre as well as this week’s murder of two firemen in Webster, N.Y., the Freedom Group and a number of its officers actively supported the National Rifle Association and its efforts to block restrictions of access to these weapons of mass killing.

    What tears at my soul about the story and the absence of any further accountability for Cerberus is that here in Massachusetts this company, through its sole ownership of the Steward Health Care System business, presents itself as a caring, responsible member of the community. Let’s be honest. Cerberus and its local agent, Steward, do not want our community to be healthy unless they can make a profit at it. From the viewpoint of these financiers, bullets or bandages don’t really matter. Whatever it takes to make a profit.


    How about a little more moral outrage from the media?

    Martin P. Solomon