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    Growing southeastern Mass. needs wider Route 3

    STATE OFFICIALS say they have no interest in widening Route 3 on the South Shore (“Tolls seen as a way to widen Route 3,” Metro, Dec. 26). This further demonstrates their incompetence when it comes to transportation planning.

    The southeastern part of the state is growing rapidly. Anyone who drives south on Route 3 knows that the traffic backs up from Hingham to Braintree starting at noon on weekdays and almost all day on weekends.

    Meanwhile, state employees and their politically appointed leaders have presided over widespread deferral of maintenance, a generation of substandard construction, and the absence of a fact-based planning system. It is therefore easy to understand how the public servants could allow the vast retail development in Hingham to occur without local or highway infrastructure to serve ir.


    Until state bureaucrats and their political enablers are held accountable and forced to abandon their management philosophy of “don’t bother me with facts,” the Commonwealth will be burdened with a transportation infrastructure that is an impediment rather than a catalyst for economic growth.

    Vincent Pivnicny