Pandering, out-of-step views doomed Mitt Romney’s campaign

THE GLOBE’S analysis of Mitt Romney’s failed presidential run buys into the Republicans’ story line that the loss was one of strategic and tactical missteps (“The candidate who never really left voters in,” Page A1, Dec. 23). While these campaign problems no doubt were a factor, the underlying problem was the candidate himself.

How so? First, Romney appeared opportunistic. While it is unlikely that Romney has no core values, his blatant pandering to the audience of the moment was painfully obvious.

Second, no matter how generous he was as an individual, his position on compassion was clear; it’s not government’s role to help except, perhaps, in the most dire of circumstances.


Third, the keystone of his candidacy was based on the false logic that a successful venture capitalist would be able to fix a national economy. There is not a scintilla of evidence that any venture capitalist ever invested in a company for the purpose of creating jobs, and Romney’s simplistic “five-point plan,” which was not a plan at all, did not convince most people that he could change their lives.

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Fourth, his refusal to release his tax returns, coupled with his refusal to accept increased tax rates for the wealthy, positioned himself as disingenuous at best and avaricious at worst.

Bruce Horwitz