letters | the massachusetts stake in the firearms industry

State pensions can be force for good

THE RECENT action by state Treasurer Steve Grossman to review how much the Massachusetts pension fund invests in civilian arms and ammunition manufacturers, as well as their distributors and sellers, points the way toward an effective strategy to change this industry’s marketing of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips (“Cleansing the portfolio,” Editorial, Dec. 26).

If states divest their firearms holdings, it may lead the industry to curb its lobbying arm, the NRA, from opposing any rational legislation to control these weapons.

It is time for institutions with large financial holdings, such as university endowments, retirement annuity funds, etc., to divest themselves from this market. We can’t just sit by and wait for the next outrage.


If these institutions, whose mission is to represent society’s best instincts, act in numbers, it will have an effect on our tragic gun policy.

Mark Friedman