Why the rush to retire Menino?

Mayor Menino
Mayor Menino

FOR SOME inexplicable reason the Globe seems determined to have Mayor Menino retire at the end of his current term. The Dec. 29 column by Lawrence Harmon is only the latest in a series of articles raising doubts about the mayor’s health and his ability to continue in office (“A new job for Menino: helping kids,” Op-ed).

I don’t recall the Globe suggesting Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Representative Barney Frank, or any other long-serving government official step down, but apparently Menino is fair game.

Having lived in Boston all my life, I look back on Menino’s term as one of peace and harmony. During his tenure Boston has gone from being an essentially white city to a multi-cultural center of business and innovation. He has skillfully guided the city through the worst recession in a generation, and Boston is now in better shape than most major American cities.


In years to come we will appreciate his efforts to bring racial harmony to Boston. I suggest we call his tenure in office the Pax Meninus.

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