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On drug era, the National Baseball Hall of Fame is the wrong umpire

RE “At Hall of Fame, a need for a full account of steroid era” (Editorial, Dec. 30):

The hands that feed the Baseball Hall of Fame are Major League Baseball; the owners of all the major league clubs; their managers, coaches, and players; the media; and fans.

It should be clear that until those groups themselves agree to address the steroid era at the hall, nothing will be done.


It was perfectly obvious to all of them that something was happening. But the bulked-up size of the players, the falling records, the media hype that drew fans to sellout games, all contributed to mass hysteria. All the executives in baseball must have known what was happening, but consciously looked the other way. When baseball reporters wrote the first stories on steroid usage, they were ostracized.

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Sadly, the Hall of Fame is not the best place to begin the momentous task of reckoning with steroids. That’s like asking the hens to clean out the henhouse. How objective can the hall be when it’s so reliant on the same people who looked the other way?

Mel Rubin

Chestnut Hill