Letters | another Senate race heats up

Brown needs to learn from his errors in nasty race against Warren

DIDN’T SCOTT Brown learn anything from his bitter campaign against Elizabeth Warren? The citizens of Massachusetts do not want political campaigns based on nasty, personal jabs (“Brown swipes at Markey’s residency,” Page A1, Jan. 3).

He lost to Elizabeth Warren in part because he consistently preferred to make sarcastic and racially tinged comments about her family heritage, and to wage a negative innuendo campaign against her legal career rather than to face the voters and explain his voting record in a cogent and substantive manner.

We didn’t like it then and we won’t like it now. Whatever one may think of Representative Edward J. Markey’s legislative career, he has been an honest, hard working congressman. If Scott Brown wants to inform us as to why he’d better serve the citizens in Massachusetts than Representative Markey or any other Democratic senatorial candidate, I for one, would appreciate that he drop the snarky tone and stick to the record.

Helene Stein