Use money spent on motels for affordable housing instead

JENIFER B. MCKIM’S article on the use of motels to temporarily house homeless families highlights a great challenge facing the state (“State to end placing of homeless in motels,” Page A1, Jan. 2).

Last year the Commonwealth spent over $45 million to place families in motels, costing nearly $3,000 per family per month with average stays of eight to 12 months. Motels are not the solution to homelessness. This $45 million would be better spent on proven solutions such as homelessness prevention, short-term housing assistance, and affordable housing.

We applaud the administration and Legislature for their commitment to ending the use of motels and encourage both to make significant investments in shelter alternatives and affordable housing to ensure that closing motels is possible and successful.

Valerie Paric

Interim executive director

One Family, Inc.