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I WAS stunned by the article about Maureen Clark and her bear, Victoria (“For the love of a bear, she tames time and nature,” Page A1, Jan. 7). With so many reports of attacks on humans by the wild animals they keep in captivity, I was astounded the article failed to mention how dangerous this practice is.

The most well-known recent instance was the mauling of a woman by a Connecticut chimpanzee in 2009. As many wildlife experts have stated, these animals are never really tamed, and one can never know when an attack may occur.

Billy Baker reports this situation with no critical eye at all. Clark is shown inside a cave like enclosure with the bear. There is no way to know when the bear may decide she’s trapped and attack Clark.


Also, the rampant anthropomorphization in the article is typical of the attitude of humans holding wild animals in captivity.

Maxine Dolle