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    Investments in Israel are well spent

    Re “Scrutiny of gun stocks just a start” (Letters, Dec. 31): Letter writers Paul and Carol Rae Bradford would like to know the percentage of Massachusetts pension funds being invested in Israel, specifically gun companies creating war equipment for Israel. Any “gun companies” that are creating “war equipment for Israel” — our ally — would be doing so to defend Israel from Hamas and Hezbollah, non-state actors, since those are the groups, supported by Iran and others, whose goal is Israel’s destruction.

    However, we should also make sure that our pension funds are invested in the many Israeli companies that develop life-saving medicines and technologies that help people around the world.

    And if we are concerned that our pension funds do not invest in companies that can harm others, shouldn’t we make doubly sure that we have no pension funds that support repressive Arab regimes that hurt their own people and threaten those around them? That would include a very long list of Arab and Muslim countries in the region who use their oil wealth, directly and indirectly, to suppress women, Muslim dissidents, and their Christian minorities.


    Perhaps these outrages are rarely mentioned because they are not as easy or convenient as vilifying Israel, the only true democracy in the region.

    Edwin Andrews