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    Whiff of the first lady bake-off lingers on

    I have just cut out Joan Wickersham’s amazing column on finding Hillary Clinton’s cookie recipe from 1992 (“Hillary’s cookies,” Op-ed, Jan. 11). I am putting it in my recipe book. In 2016, if Clinton chooses to run for president, I will read this column to every 18-year-old girl who will listen before they go to cast their first vote in a presidential election. And I will read it every time I make cookies — cookies I make because I WANT to, not because I’m supposed to in order to project some wifely “first lady” role.

    Thank you to Clinton for all that she has done for this country, and for advancing the voices of strong, intelligent, gifted women, no matter what color their gloves are. Thank you to Wickersham for reminding us how far we still have to go.

    Donna Dugas