Revisited case seems more like a vendetta than justice

I am writing in response to the article on William Senne, who is facing new charges in a drunken driving case (“Breaking his silence,” Page A1, Jan. 6). He has taken responsibility for his actions, served his sentence, and put himself through college and started a business. He appears to be a functioning member of society. What purpose would there be to sending him back to trial or jail?

Is the prosecutor affronted that Senne was only given a sentence of 2½ years in 2005, as opposed to the 8 to 10 years the district attorney requested at the time? Would putting this young man in jail bring back state Trooper Ellen Engelhardt, who was seriously hurt in the accident, and died eight years later? Even Engelhardt’s family has distanced themselves from this proceeding.

Why is the DA insisting on prosecuting this young man? It seems like this is a vendetta against Senne by Plymouth DA Timothy Cruz and the State Police.

Betsy Hinchey