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    letters | Outrage over rape resounds

    Groups battling rape culture are support networks, not courts of law

    In her Jan. 15 op-ed “Dark side of zealotry for a noble cause,” Cathy Young seems baffled by the idea that women at Take Back the Night rallies and in anti-rape organizations might support each other by default, and seems scandalized by the fact that “a woman who had unwanted sex because she lacked the nerve to say no or because her judgment was impaired by alcohol may get as much sympathy as someone who was physically forced or assaulted while incapacitated.”

    These are support networks, not courts of law. When the majority of police officers, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges could be described as feminist zealots who never question the stories of women who report crimes, then I might believe that the tables have been turned on “traditional victim-blaming.” Until then, no one who isn’t part of this community mobilized against rape culture has any business policing the support people give each other.

    If rape culture and the possibly flawed fight against it are in fact equally bad sides of the same coin, why does Young only seem interested in attacking one side? There is no shortage of people ready to accuse feminists of being unfair to men. If Young’s goal is to promote a responsible society, why doesn’t she write about sexism and rape culture?


    I would love to hear conservative women present some of their own potential solutions to these problems, rather than just hearing them tell me that my potential solutions are unreasonable.

    Clare Alloy-Relihan